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Omni Plumbing Services has been providing plumbing services in the alpharetta area for over two decades. We are an extremely reliable plumbing service company and we handle all kinds of plumbing problems. Over the years, we have developed the reputation of being one of the best plumbers in Alpharetta.

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#1 in Customer Service

At Omni Plumbing Services, customer satisfaction is number one. We have 30+ years of experience in the Alpharetta area. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial services, from minor repairs to major projects. We have 24 hour service for our customers, thus we will always be ready if a crisis may arise.

Our Goals for our customers

  • To provide 100% customer satisfaction

  • To provide our customers peace of mind, knowing they are in sound hands

  • To turn every 1st time customer into a lifelong customer

Why Choose omni Plumbing?

If your local plumber has ever left you dissatisfied with his stop-gap repairs then it is time you solve your plumbing problems by us.

We understand that it is the responsibility of each plumber to get to the root of all plumbing problems and provide complete solutions.

Omni Plumbing Services is second to none. We will leave you happy with our work. Our professional plumbers strive to be the best technicians who can provide any plumbing service, be it related to installation, maintenance or repair.


Toilet Installs & Repairs

There are many places where a toilet leak can occur. Our technicians are highly trained to accurately diagnose toilet leaks and are well versed in the new low flow fixtures on the market. When you hire Omni Plumbing, expect to have questions knowledgeably answered and problems solved.

Whether your current toilet leaks or you would like to have a new toilet installed, we provide expert solutions to your plumbing problems!


Basement Finishes

We have great knowledge of what it takes for layout and installation of water and sewer systems for that basement bath that you have always wanted. We also provide pump systems if needed with your budget in mind.










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Our commitment to you is to provide prompt, professional service with integrity when you call on us. It is both a pleasure and a privilege to serve you. 

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